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These Terms and Conditions of Use regulate the relations between www.beyondfashionhouse.com and the Users (Consumers) who use the online store www.beyondfashionhouse.com to buy clothes and apparel. By clicking on an object, an image, a link (other than the one leading to the Terms and Conditions of Use) or a button placed anywhere on www.beyondfashionhouse.com you accept or agree with the Terms and Conditions herein below. These Terms and Conditions of Use comply with the Consumer Protection Act, as well as with any other statutory acts effective in the Republic of Bulgaria.
The online consumer dispute resolution platform was launched on 9 January 2016 (ODS platform) – its web address is http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. Contact data of the Commission for Consumer Protection: Address: 4A Slaveykov Square, floors 3, 4 and 6, 1000 Sofia, tel.: 02 / 980 25 24; fax: 02 / 988 42 18; hotline: 0700 111 22; website: www.kzp.bg 
Commission for Personal Data Protection: Address: 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Street, Sofia, tel.: (02) 940 20 46; fax: (02) 940 36 40, email: kzld@government.bg, kzld@cpdp.bg, website: www.cpdp.bg

1. DEFINITIONS and information on the vendor in compliance with the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act
“SELLER” is the website www.beyondfashionhouse.com, which is owned by G Spot For Beyond EOOD and serves as a virtual clothes and garment selling platform. The Seller is the person that enters into a contract with the Consumer for the distance sale of a specific product in the online store.
“CONSUMER” is a person with the relevant capacity who has agreed with these Terms and Conditions of Use with a view to ordering and purchasing any of the products offered for sale in the online store.
“ONLINE STORE” is the website www.beyondfashionhouse.com that serves as a virtual platform offering products for sale and is used to reach an agreement between the SELLER and the CONSUMER on placing an order for and purchasing a specific product.
The entire information on the website that is visible through the use of an electronic device; The contents of any emails sent to a CONSUMER or a CLIENT by Beyondfashionhouse.com through electronic devices and/or any other means of communication; Any other information intended for a CONSUMER or a CLIENT, received by an employee of Beyondfashionhouse.com, regardless of the manner of communication; Information related to products, services and/or fees charged by Beyondfashionhouse.com at any given time; Information on Beyondfashionhouse.com or any other information originating from Beyondfashionhouse.com / BEYOND
Service – an online commercial service provided by the publicly available portions of the website with a view to providing the client with the opportunity to purchase products and/or services using solely electronic means, including means of distance communication (e.g. telephone, standard mail, the Internet, email, etc.).
PRODUCT – piece of clothing, apparel
“SALES CONTRACT” is this distance contract for the sale of a product/s entered into through this website. The contract is entered into based on an offer by the supplier / Beyondfashionhouse.com / to the Consumer as a part of a system for selling goods or providing services, including the purchasing of vouchers (coupons), where as of the date of making the offer until the date of entering into the contract the parties have been in no real contact with each other.
G Spot For Beyond EOOD is a business company with UIC 203214794, having a registered office at: 21 Bulgaria Blvd., Veliko Tarnovo, and an address of business, correspondence and complaint submission by the CONSUMERS in the Republic of Bulgaria: 21 Bulgaria Blvd., Veliko Tarnovo.
The business company has developed and maintains the online store www.beyondfashionhouse.com, it manufactures, offers and sells clothes and apparel through the website and determines these Terms and Conditions of Use which govern the sale of the products.
The business company is the owner of the online e-commerce platform www.beyondfashionhouse.com
G Spot For Beyond EOOD is fully entitled to unilaterally change the contents of the website, as well as the means of access thereto.
The business company is registered under the VAT Act.
“ORDER” is a request made by a Consumer to the ONLINE STORE for the purchase of one or more specific products. Upon successful acceptance of the order, the ordered products are packed and sent via a courier company to an address and a telephone number given in advance by the Consumer when placing the order.
“COURIER COMPANY” is a vendor who physically delivers the purchased products to an address provided by the Consumer and operates in compliance with the Postal Services Act.
2.1. The website www.beyondfashionhouse.com is absolutely free and accessible for browsing anywhere in the world.
2.2. In order to shop from the online store, Consumers do not need to register or provide personal data. G Spot For Beyond EOOD collects, processes and uses the personal data of its CONSUMERS with a view to catering to the needs of the online store and at the same time is obliged to keep the said personal data confidential, not to use them for any other purposes or to disclose them to third parties.
2.3. In the online store www.beyondfashionhouse.com there are prices quoted for all items available for sale have, the items are further accompanied by a description of their basic characteristics and additional information aiming at assisting Consumers in making an informed choice when purchasing products.
When placing an order, CONSUMERS have to select among the sizes available for the product at issue. All quoted sizes are standard and are not subject to change.
The products are arranged in tables. Every product has a price. The final price depends on the manner of payment and delivery destination.

2.4. Formal dresses from collections are not supported. Due to the complexity of the dresses, they are made on request by the customer.

Formal dresses can be made to the individual size of the customer only with the dimensions taken in place at the brand’s atelier.

Samples during model making are recommended to provide a flawless look for the model ordered. The whole process of this type of model distinguishes the production from the ready-made garments and provides the exclusiveness of the ordered model. When ordering a model of individual sizes, a down payment of 50% of the value of the model, transferred by bank transfer or on-site is left, and this down payment is not refundable upon cancellation of the order.

When ordering standard size online, the same amount is paid by bank transfer, with the studio not committing that the size of the model would be exactly the right size for the customer.

The deadline for the completion of handmade models is specified by the studio.

2.5. All prices of products quoted on the website are end prices. They do not include the amounts that shall be charged as a courier fee for the delivery of the products to the delivery address given by CONSUMERS. The delivery charges are determined incompliance with the terms and conditions of the relevant courier company – Econt Express AD.
3. The ONLINE STORE www.beyondfashionhouse.com is an e-commerce platform accessible on the Internet at www.beyondfashionhouse.com through which CONSUMERS may enter into purchase and sale and delivery contracts for the products offered by the SUPPLIER in the platform, including the following:
1. To review the products, their prices, features and delivery conditions;
2. To enter into distance purchase and sale and delivery contracts with the SUPPLIER concerning the products offered on the ONLINE STORE platform;
4. To make any payments in connection with the contracts entered into through the ONLINE STORE platform via electronic means of payment.
5. To receive information on new products and offers made by the SUPPLIER on www.beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform;
6. To make electronic statements with a view to entering into or executing contracts with the SUPPLIER through www.beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform using the page interface of the ONLINE STORE which is accessible online;
7. To be informed of the rights as provided by law, mostly through the interface of the ONLINE STORE platform on the Internet;
8. To exercise their right of refusal, where applicable, under the Consumer Protection Act.
Article 4. The SUPPLIER in the ONLINE STORE platform organizes the delivery of products and ensures that the rights of CONSUMERS, as provided by the law, are complied with in good faith and in keeping with the criteria and conditions that are commonly accepted and recognized by consumer or commercial law.
Article 5. (1) CONSUMERS enter into a purchase and sale contract for the products with the SUPPLIER of the ONLINE STORE platform on http:// www.beyondfashionhouse.com. The distance sales contract between the SUPPLIER and CONSUMERS shall be considered effective and confirmed as of the time the specific order is successfully fulfilled by the SUPPLIER. By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use CONSUMERS explicitly and unconditionally agree that they will receive the confirmation of an effective distance contract with the SUPPLIER on an email provided thereby. The contract will be entered into in Bulgarian.
(2) By virtue of the contract for the purchase and sale of goods entered into with CONSUMERS on the ONLINE STORE platform the SUPPLIER assumes the obligation to organize the delivery and title transfer to CONSUMERS of the goods selected by the latter through the interface. CONSUMERS are entitled to rectify any errors in the information entered no later than the time of sending the statement concerning the entering into the contract to the SUPPLIER via the www.beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform.
(3) CONSUMERS will pay to the SUPPLIER a fee in consideration for the delivered products in compliance with the conditions contained in the beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform and herein. The fees amount to the price quoted on the beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform.
Article 6. (1) CONSUMERS and the SUPPLIER in beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform agree that any statements exchanged thereby in connection with the entering into and performance of the purchase and sale contract, may be made online through electronic statements within the meaning of the Electronic Documents and Electronic Signatures Act and Article 11 of the Electronic Commerce Act.
(1). CONSUMERS are allowed to review and order the products and services published on the SUPPLIER’S website on beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform.
(2). CONSUMERS are entitled to request information on the status of their orders.
(3) CONSUMERS are obliged to secure a possibility to receive the product/s and to receive the product/s ordered via beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform.
(4). CONSUMERS are obliged to pay the price of their orders in the manner described on the website of the SUPPLIER on beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform.
(5). When placing an order CONSUMERS are obliged to provide true and up-to-date data. CONSUMERS are obliged to timely update the data given with their order in case of any changes therein.
(1) The SUPPLIER is obliged to prepare and deliver the products ordered by CONSUMERS within the deadline stated on beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform.
(2) The SUPPLIER is entitled to collect and use information concerning CUSTOMERS. The SUPPLIER uses the said information in order to fulfill its obligation under Article 5 hereof.
(3) The SUPPLIER shall bear no liability for non-performance hereunder should any events occur that the SUPPLIER had not foreseen and was not obliged to foresee – accidental events, force majeure, impediments in the global Internet network and in the provision of its services that are beyond its control.
Article 10. The CONSUMERS shall use the SUPPLIER’S website interface in www.beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform to enter into sales contracts (to place an order) of the goods, offered by the SUPPLIER in www.beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform.
Article 11. The CONSUMERS shall enter into the sales contract for the goods on www.beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform using the following procedure:
1. Entry in (logging in) the system for placing orders in www.beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform.
2. Selection of one or more of the goods, offered by the SUPPLIER on www.beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform, and adding them to a list of goods to be purchased – cart.
3. Provision of the required data for individualization of the CONSUMER as a party under the contract. The CONSUMER shall provide:
3.1.1. valid e-mail address;
3.1.2. exact address for delivery and invoicing;
3.1.3. exactly filled in contact data – two names, telephone
4. Provision of data for making the delivery;
4.1 Data for invoice issuance
5. Selection of method and moment for payment of the price.
6. Checking the box “I am aware of the General Terms and Conditions” and clicking on the “Order” key;
7. Confirmation of the order by the SUPPLIER
Article 12. (1) The order(s) shall be processed within the SUPPLIER’S working hours from Monday to Friday between 9 and 18 o’clock.
/2/ The orders shall be executed and delivered within 10 /ten/ days from the receipt of the purchase order made. The goods listed on the product page of the online store are not available in stock. The same shall be prepared and delivered within the stipulated for the order’s execution 10 business days term.
/3/ There is a box “Add to cart” on the product page. Clicking on “Add to cart” shall enter the selected product in the Consumer’s virtual shopping cart. The cart’s contents are kept until the Consumer decides to move to purchasing the selected products. Through pressing on “Your cart” the Consumer may review the contents of her/his virtual shopping cart, to add new products or to remove the ones she/he does not want. After pressing “Complete the order” on the screen appear the customer’s data, delivery data and repeated review of te virtual cart.
/4/ The order is activated, i.e. sent to the Supplier through pressing the second “Complete the order” button – placed after the delivery data and method of the order’s payment.
/5/ At successfully made order, the Consumer shall receive an order confirmation through an e-mail sent to the provided by her/him e-mail address. The e-mail confirmation lists the product ordered, order number, time and date when the order is placed.
/6/ In case as a result of reasons beyond the Supplier’s control the order could not be performed within the stipulated 10 days term, the contact person shall notify the Consumer. If the Consumer refuses to accept the order with a further deadline, the order can be cancelled.
/7/ Orders on www.beyondfashionhouse.com online store are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
/8/ Orders received with no exact and correct data of the buyer (Consumer) or missing such, shall be cancelled if the Supplier does not receive the correct data within 48 hours from the order’s placement. Such order shall be marked with “Rejected” status, due to impossibility to be executed.
Article 13. (1) The Consumer shall be entitled to refuse an order already made, without stating reasons for the refusal within the 14 days term, provided for in the Consumer Protection Act. In case an order made is refused within the stipulated 14 days term, the Consumer shall be due the payment of the transportation costs related to the order’s return. The term for refusal shall be counted from date, at which the Consumer or a third person, other than the courier, has received the goods and signed the acceptance and delivery protocol.
(2) To exercise her/his right to refusal and to return the goods, the CONSUMER shall notify the SUPPLER through sending an e-mail to the provided in the site contact e-mail, mandatorily providing the number of the order made.
(3) The delivery of the confirmed orders shall be made by courier company, selected by the MERCHANT.
(4) The Consumer shall pay for the order’s delivery.
(5) The delivery shall be made at the geographic territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
(6) At the goods’ delivery the CONSUMER shall sign an Acceptance and Delivery Protocol, presented by the courier. The Protocol may be signed on behalf of the Consumer by any physical person, present at the address and who agrees to accept on behalf of the CLIENT the goods delivered.
(7) The SUPPLIER shall not be responsible for any delay of the delivery, caused by the actions of the courier or courier company.
(8) In case the goods can not be delivered due to Consumer’s fault, the Consumer shall be due the made transportation costs.
Article 14. (1) After a Consumer places an order on www.beyondfashionhouse.com, the automated system shall send the Consumer an e-mail for the order made.
/2/ Delivery shall be made only of successfully accepted orders. At packaging the ordered product the Consumer shall be sent an e-mail, that the product is handed over to a courier for the transportation thereof to the respective address.
/3/. No ordered goods are delivered Sunday and during national holidays.
/4/ The orders shall be processed and prepared within 10 business days from successfully made order and delivered in accordance with the courier’s terms and conditions.
/5/. The Seller shall use for deliveries Econt Express courier company.
/6/. The delivery shall be made to exact and correctly stated by the Consumer address or to an office of the courier company in the respective city.
For the territory of Bulgaria the delivery terms and conditions are according to the courier’s general conditions – “Econt Express” AD: https://www.econt.com/services/courier-services
/7/ If the Consumer fails to provide access and conditions for delivery of the goods at the stated address within the stipulated term or fails to go to the stated office of the courier company to receive within 7 days from the notification to the Consumer for the pending delivery by a courier, if she/he has selected this option, the SUPPLER shall be relived of the obligation to make the ordered delivery and the same shall be cancelled.
Article 15. (1) Any and all quoted prices by the SUPPLIER on www.beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform are in BGN (Bulgarian levs).
(2) The CONSUMER may pay the price as follows:
1. In cash – paid on delivery to the courier from the courier company.
2. Through a bank transfer – to the SUPPLIER’S account
/3/ The payment of the goods ordered may be made in two separate methods, and irrespective of the selected payment option, the amount to be paid is one and the same, with no additional fees charged for processing the payment. For each goods ordered the Consumer shall pay the price listed in the online store as of the moment of placing the order.
Article 16. (1) The Consumer shall be entitled to a claim or return of purchased from the online store product within 14 days from the receipt thereof. At the sales contracts the term for exercising the right to refusal shall expire 14 days from the day in which the Consumer or a third person, other than the courier and designated by the Consumer, acquires the possession over the goods. Moreover the Consumer shall be entitled to exercise the right to refusal prior to acquiring possession over the goods. When with one and the same order the Consumer has ordered many products, delivered separately, the term for exercising the right to refusal shall expire 14 days after the day, in which the Consumer acquires the possession over the last product.
/2/ The Consumer shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract also in front of the courier during the product’s delivery.
/3/ When withdrawing from the contract the Consumer shall return the purchased product in undisturbed condition and whole.
/4/ At withdrawal from the contract, if the Consumer has paid for the goods, she/he shall be reimbursed the paid amount for the returned product through a transfer to the indicated by her/him bank account within 15 (fifteen days) following the goods’ return. No sums shall be reimbursed until the Consumer returns the goods. The Supplier shall reimburse the amount only through a transfer to the client’s bank or card account, provided in advance in the refusal. If the latter sum is not returned within the term under paragraph 1, the withdrawal from the contract shall not give rise to any action.
/5/ The right to refusal shall be exercised only in case that the following conditions are mandatorily met: the goods’ original packaging is not disturbed, the product is not torn, scratched, worn, washed, ironed, there are no damages caused by improper use, the original packaging, consumables and accessories, if any, are kept and undisturbed. The Consumer shall submit to the Supplier the documents for the purchase of the goods – the original invoice and original cash receipt, accompanied by the acceptance and delivery protocol. In case the Consumer fails to comply with the term for returning the goods, the Supplier shall be entitled to suspend the reimbursement of the full purchase price until he receives back the goods from the Consumer.
/6/ A claim could be filed when a product does not meet the agreed upon between the parties under the sales contract. The inconformity with the agreed upon between the parties could be expressed in:
– disturbed wholeness of the goods
– sent is a wrong product, different than the ordered one;
– inconformity with the product’s description;
– damage to the product during transportation
/7/ The claim shall be sent to G Spot For Beyond EOOD to the stated e-mail address www.beyondfashionhouse.com with the number of the order, as at the same time the Consumer shall return the product within the two weeks term from the receipt thereof.
/8/ The return of the product in case of a claim, excluding damages during transportation, shall be executed subject to the following conditions:
– Kept appearance of the product (the product should not be dirty, damaged, torn).
All claims under the above shall be made at the moment of the delivery.
Beyond the stated cases and within the specified 14 days term, the Consumer shall not be entitled to refuse the receipt and payment of the ordered thereby goods and products. Otherwise she/he shall be due payment of the delivery costs occurred and returning the goods back to the Supplier.
Notwithstanding the above hypotheses, the Consumer shall return the goods in merchandisable order, allowing theirs subsequent sale, unless the unpacking of the product leads to obvious destruction of the commercial merchandisability of the product, such as, but not limited to destructible box, air-tight packing and other similar cases. In case of disturbed commercial merchandisability of the product, the Supplier shall be entitled, at his own consideration, to refuse to accept withdrawal from the contract or to charge the consumer expenses for making the product merchandisable again.
The Consumer shall pay the costs for returning the purchased goods.
Article 17. (1) The pictures and photos, used for the products and goods, present their colors as best as possible, however beyondfashionhouse.com bears no responsibility for any inexact reproduction of the colors as a result of individual settings and technical parameters of the monitors and computer systems, used for accessing the website.
/2/ beyondfashionhouse.com bears no responsibility for any difference within the framework of the normal ones between the color, the product is presented at the picture, and of the actually delivered product, such as difference in the color of one and the same product, manufactured during different time periods, differences due to the color shade of delivered new batches of depleted fabrics and yarns at the manufacturer.
Intellectual property
Article 18. (1) The content, granted by (images, texts, video, logos, trademarks, software, etc.) is owned by and property of G Spot For Beyond EOOD and/or its partners, suppliers and consumers. Any full or partial reproduction of the content is subject to a separate written agreement with G Spot For Beyond EOOD and/or the authors thereof, except in the cases when the content is expressly published under the terms and conditions of Creative Commons license, allowing any of the above described actions.
/2/www.beyondfashionhouse.com bears no liability and responsibility for breaches and violations of the copyright and neighboring rights, executed by the system’s Consumers, however it retains the right to prevent similar actions.
/3/ Any and all products, manufactured, offered and sold by the www.beyondfashionhouse.com online store are protected by the copyright of „BEYOND“ trademark. The same shall not be used, offered in any manner whatsoever in other compositions without obtaining the prior permission and consent of the trademark holder. The included contact e-mail provides contact data for the trademark holder.
Article 19. (1) All of the information, published on www.beyondfashionhouse.com website, is property of G Spot For Beyond EOOD, including any photos, pictures, images and description of products.
/2/ The copying of texts and pictures from www.beyondfashionhouse.com and placing them on other websites and online stores without the written consent of G Spot For Beyond EOOD is strictly forbidden.
/3/ G Spot For Beyond EOOD shall bear no liability whatsoever before any third parties, if such party alleges that the published on the online store information violates any copyrights or other intellectual property rights.
Article 20. (1) The Consumers shall assume all risks from the system’s use. The only goal of the information, contained on www.beyondfashionhouse.com, is to help the Consumers. No part of the information shall be accepted as unconditionally true or as an official recommendation for using certain product or trademark.
/2/ Despite www.beyondfashionhouse.com asserting all efforts for provision of full and exact information, including for the products, offered through the online store, due to its large volume, including information generated by the system’s users, allowing inaccuracies and omissions is possible, for the consequences of which www.beyondfashionhouse.com bears no liability and responsibility whatsoever. www.beyondfashionhouse.com does not guarantee in any manner whatsoever the truthfulness, completeness and currency of the information in the system.
/3/ The Consumers shall assume any and all risks related to technical malfunctions of the system, computer viruses or other potential hazardous content.
/4/ The team of www.beyondfashionhouse.com shall be entitled, but not obliged, to monitor all comments, opinions and consumer ratings, as well as any other content, generated by the Consumers (users) and published within the system, and to erase or modify it, when it is in breach and violation of the acting legislation at the territory of Bulgaria, or it contains insults, obscenities, represents direct and non-permitted (unwanted) advertising, contains misleading and biased information or it is irrelevant in relation to the particular context.
Responsibility for the content, generated by the Consumers and published within the system, is born by the authors thereof.
The data confidentiality is of utmost importance.
What data do we process?
Article 21. You provide various personal data on our website. The provision of such data is voluntary. “Personal data” shall mean any information concerning you, such as name, date of birth, e-mail, telephone number and mailing address. G Spot For Beyond EOOD collects, processes and uses the personal data, which you provide, to the extent it is necessary. When visiting www.beyondfashionhouse.com, all your data, published on the site, is fully confidential, protected and used only for the site’s needs – for processing and delivery of an order, for contacting you, for entry into, performance or termination of contracts or semi – contractual relations with you, in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, as well as of the Regulation on Personal Data Protection.
/2/ Each time a consumer opens our webpage and various menus therein, we receive information in the form of information protocol with the following content: the consumer’s inquiry. The entered by the Users personal data is subject to protection under the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, with the Supplier processing it for the goals and within the terms, provided for in the Personal Data Confidentiality Policy.
/3/ Upon User’s consent with the Personal Data Confidentiality Policy, the Consumer (User) expressly confirms that she/he agrees for the Supplier to store information or to receive access to the information, stored on the User’s end device, for the exhaustively stipulated therein goals and terms. The User agrees for the Supplier to store information or to receive access to the information, stored on the User’s end device, also on other grounds, stated in the Personal Data Confidentiality Policy. We use your data only for the purposes for which it is collected. At processing your enquiries and when you use our services, sometimes we use subcontractors, who receive only the needed for the order data. The information protocol and the data therein are stored for the security of our systems, in order for us to be able to identify hackers’ attacks. We are not able to designate certain protocol to particular person. We do not match and compare information from certain data base with another data base. The data we receive voluntarily from you, is collected only for the execution of the order and are deleted and erased immediately after the achievement of the purpose, for which it is collected, with the exception of the cases in which we are legally required to store and keep it.
Article 22. Hereinbelow you will find list of the used by us “cookies” and the purpose for which they are used. Some of them contribute to the optimal use of our website. They are already memorized by your computer, without us being able to ask for your consent. Other “cookies” shall be memorized only after we have received your consent.
Of course each browser could be set in a way not to remember “cookies” or to delete already existing ones. To learn how to do so, please, contact the manufacturer of your browser how to delete the “cookies” or use the instructions to that regard.
Google Analytics:
Article 23. (1) This website uses Google Analytics, web analysis service, offered by Google, Inc (“Google”). Google Analytics uses the so-called “cookies”, representing text files, memorized on your computer, facilitating the analysis of the site’s use by the consumers. The information for the site’s usage, obtained through cookies, is usually transferred and stored by Google on servers in the USA. IP depersonalization is activated on this site, due to which Google will delete partially the IP address of a user in the member – states of the European Union, as well as in the other states under the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases the full IP address shall be sent to and partially deleted on servers in the USA. At assignment by this site’s operator Google shall use this information in order to assess the site’s usage, for preparation of reports for web-activity and rendering other services to the site’s operator, related to the site’s usage and the use of internet to the site. Google shall not link the IP address, sent from your browser through Google Analytics, to other data, stored by Goggle.
(2) You may prevent the acceptance of cookies through the respective settings of your browser. Please, pay attention that if you do so, it is possible for you not to utilize and enjoy all functions of this site.
(2) Moreover you may prevent the collection of the data, obtained through the cookies and connected to the site’s usage by you (including an IP address) by Google, as well as the processing of such data by Google, downloading and installing the browser – plugin available at: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en. Please keep in mind that the use of the browser – plugin is limited and restricted to the respective computer and after the installation thereof it can not be removed, in view of retaining the deactivation of Google Analytics. Goggle Privacy Policy is available at http://www.google.com/intl/bg/policies/privacy/. You may also turn off the collection of data by Goggle Analytics clicking on the following link. Opt-out-Cookie will appear in your computer, which shall prevent any future collection of your data when visiting this site.
Article 23. (1) The Consumer and the Supplier on the ONLINE STORE platform shall protect and defend mutually their rights and legal interests, as well as keep their trade secrets, which have become known thereto during the performance of the contracts and these general terms and conditions.
(2) The Consumer and the Supplier, at any time during the and after the expiration of the contract’s term, shall not disclose publicly and make publicly available any written or oral correspondence between them. The publishing of correspondence in print or online media, internet forums, personal or public websites, etc., shall be considered information made publicly available.
Article 24. In case of conflict and contradiction between these general terms and conditions and any agreements in a special contract between the Supplier on the ONLINE STORE platform and the Consumer, the clauses of the special contract shall prevail.
Article 25. An eventual invalidity of any of the clauses of these general terms and conditions shall not lead to invalidity of the contract as a whole.
Article 26. These General Terms and Conditions may be amended by the online store’s Supplier, for which the latter shall notify appropriately the Consumers, publishing the amendment and announcing the same.
Article 27. The legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall be applicable to any and all matters, not settled herein, related to the contract’s performance and interpretation.
Each Consumer may provide feedback to G Spot For Beyond EOOD, to ask questions, to make proposals and receive information.
You may contact us at the e-mail stated, or at telephone:
G Spot For Beyond EOOD
Contact person: Dora Dragieva
Tel.: 0882350535
The present General Terms and Conditions are adopted and approved by the manager of G Spot For Beyond EOOD and the last amendment thereto is from 04.09.2019.
Article 28. The present General Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time, with the publishing thereof on www.beyondfashionhouse.com ONLINE STORE platform with indicating the date of update being considered as notifying the Consumers for the amendments and changes.

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